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The perfect Hot Chocolate drink in less than a minute. Simply stir into a cup of hot milk. All our ingredients have been sourced from one of the most reputable Belgian chocolate suppliers and in turn the cocoa beans have been sourced from a Rain Forest Alliance Certified farm.

Why buy our Hot Choc Melt real hot chocolate?

  • High quality real chocolate - our milk/ dark combination has been made with the finest Callebaut Belgian chocolate
  • Premium drink – customers prefer our real chocolate to powdered alternatives
  • Commands a premium price
  • Your customers enjoy the ‘theatre’ of stirring the stick, creating their own hot chocolate drinking experience
  • Your customers control the strength of their drink and many enjoy simply eating the warm chocolate straight from the stick
  • Our customers buy and serve this product throughout the year
  • Easy to prepare and serve
  • A beverage and a confection - can be sold as a processed drink or POS take home product
  • Individually boxed and sold in attractive display boxes of 24
  • Small minimum order sizes
  • High quality point of sale provided
  • Opportunities for distributors in the UK and elsewhere



33g choc sticks

More Information

If you're interested in purchasing, selling or distributing our products, or if you're simply looking for more information, please contact Julian Gilbertson or our distributor in your country.

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