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Our coffee beans are carefully selected and have been convection roasted giving each bean a wonderfully shiny and waxy texture that enhances the taste.

Using only the finest green Arabica from Brazil and Sumatra, our gourmet blend has a smooth wholesome flavour with no bitterness.

Why buy our gourmet espresso beans?

  • 100% Arabica beans produces a gourmet coffee drinking experience
  • Our beans are convection roasted ensuring an even roast. Each bean has a shiny, waxy finish enhancing the rich, smooth taste
  • The beans are very attractively foil packed and are suited to be sold as a high quality retail product for home consumption
  • Small minimum order sizes
  • Our customers buy and sell this product throughout the year



1kg Gourmet blend

More Information

If you're interested in purchasing, selling or distributing our products, or if you're simply looking for more information, please contact Julian Gilbertson or our distributor in your country.

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